Wines by the Glass

White Wine
Stella Pinot Grigio IGT 2011
Light and refreshing, a perfect summer wine, pairs well with salads, grilled fish and vegetable dishes
Bertani Velante Pinot Grigio IGT 2010
Delicious on it's own or paired with salads, light appetizers, grilled fish and vegetable dishes
Corte Giara Chardonnay IGT Delle Venezie 2010
A crisp chardonnay, pairs well with salmon and grilled fish or artichokes
Le Bruniche Chardonnay 2008
A food friendly chardonnay, pairs well with shellfish, vegetables and grilled white meats
Bertani Due Uve 2010
A blend of pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc, pairs well with salads, light pastas and risotto
Rocca Delle Macie "Occhio A Vento" Vermentino 2011
Perfect as an aperitif, or paired with vegetarian dishes, white meats or seafood
Donnafugata Anthilia Sicilia IGP 2011
Excellent aperitif, pairs well with salads, shellfish and grilled fish
Lunetta Prosecco
Perfect as an aperitif, pairs well with salads, antipasti, seafood and a wide variety of desserts
Aperol Spritz
A refreshing aperitif of prosecco and bitter orange liquor, served over ice, with a slice of orange
Lemoncello Spritz
An aperitif of Prosecco and Lemoncello, served over ice with a sprig of mint
An Italian classic aperitif of Prosecco and peach puree
Bertani Bertarose 2011
Perfect as an aperitif, it also goes well with salads, subtle flavored pasta dishes and white meats
Cecchi Sangiovese Bonizio Maremma 2010
This is a great stand alone wine, it pairs well with most Italian dishes
Straccali Chianti 2010
This is a great wine for pastas, poultry and red meats
Rosso di Verrazzano 2009
A wonderful food wine, pairs well with most pasta dishes, veal and eggplant parmesan
Rocca Delle Macie Sasyr 2007
Works well with red meats, most pasta dishes and hearty sauces
Montasalo Merlot 2008
An ideal wine with red meat dishes and pastas with cream sauce
Bollini Merlot 2008
A perfect wine with most pasta dishes, has enough depth to pair with most meat dishes
Cavit Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
A great wine with red meats, stews and casserole dishes
Angelini Pinot Noir 2010
Delicious with pork chops, grilled salmon and most pasta dishes
Michele Chiarlo Barbera D'Asti Superiore Le Orme 2009
Great with chicken parmesan, pasta dishes and lamb ragu
Palazzo Della Torre Valpolicella 2008
A wonderful wine to drink alone or with pastas, grilled meats or spicey sauces

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